What happens if you don’t read Quran

What happens if you don't read Quran

Many people are wondering about the harm of What happens if you don’t read Quran, so we must read the Quran to avoid any problems.

Answering this question (What happens if you don’t read Quran?) requires a good knowledge of the values, virtues, and benefits of reading the Noble Quran.

1- What is the holy Quran?

The Holy Quran is considered the Holy Book of Muslims. It established their laws and commandments, rules of their social and moral behavior, and contained a complete religious philosophy.

Holly Quran is a collection of verbal revelations given to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) over twenty-three years.

Chapters (called surahs in Arabic) vary in length, some consisting of a few lines while others span several pages.

It is no wonder, Allah, in the Quran protects this book: According to Islam, the Quran is the Word of God and contains complete guidance for people.

Much of the Quran is about Allah, attributes, and worshippers’ relationship with Allah.

it also contains instructions for his followers, historical accounts of certain prophets and peoples.

The arguments for accepting Muhammad as a true prophet, and religious beliefs.

You will find all the problems and disadvantages that you encounter in answering this question (What happens if you don’t read Quran?).

2- What happens if you don’t read Quran?

1- Lots of worry and sadness in your life because you will not be able to overcome problems and not be patient.

2- Lack of blessing of livelihood and despite its abundance, your misbehavior may waste his livelihood and feel that his livelihood is not enough and that his daily life is not enough.

3- You have Stress, emotional deprivation, and breakdown of loving relationships with others.

4- Failure to read the Quran leads to problems for the individual, as he has lost a great reward from Almighty Allah.

5- Deprivation of your intercession for you on the Day of Resurrection: It came in the hadith:

“Read the Quran for it will come on the Day of Resurrection as an intercessor for its companions.

6- Satan and his helpers have defeated the jinn and the human demons: Almighty God is the supreme protector of his servants.

7- Owners of those who have renounced the Noble Quran suffer from constant misfortune in life and work and lack of success in their work.

If you like to answer the question of (What happens if you don’t read Quran?) you must know the Importance of reading the Quran.

3- Importance of reading the Quran

1. The Quran explains the aim of life, so Muslims believe the Quran isn’t the result of any people’s efforts.

It is the Divine inspiration.

The thought that runs through the Divine book is the urgency of repairing the broken relationship between Allah and humanity through worship, remembrance, and obedience.

You’ll be guaranteed salvation, Paradise, and save from the horrors of Hell. It repeatedly highlights Paradise because of the enduring of faith, and good deeds and declares Hell due to disbelief.

2. The Quran preaches the Oneness of Allah, beliefs taught in the Quran are the Oneness of Allah, His guidance through the Prophets, and Resurrection after death.

3. The Quran teaches moral, social, and spiritual values The moral, social, and spiritual values expressed in the s Quran.

They are sacred values that reflect the perfection, unfailing love, and providence of the Creator.

These sacred qualities inspire humility and reverence. Clear and clear teaching.

These values lead to human freedom, responsibility, and empowerment, a timeless theme.

Now you can answer the question, What happens if you don’t read Quran?

You will find all the problems and disadvantages that you encounter in answering this question (What happens if you don’t read Quran?

The Quran teaches how to worship the Almighty Lord and how to keep peace and harmony with one another.

How to protect oneself from the temptations of a pleasure-seeking pleasure-seeking life, and how to live healthily and wisely.

4. The Quran presents the Prophet as a perfect example The Quran presents Muhammad (Peace be upon him) as a model for humanit.

The Prophet Muhammad(saw), a living embodiment of the spirit of goodness, justice, and divine love. He teaches the Word of God to create such pure, perfect, beautiful human beings and becomes an example for mankind.

5. Prophecies of the Quran The majestic Quran is rich in prophecies and speaks clearly and accurately about what will happen in the future. For example, the fall of the Roman Empire, the second coming of Jesus Christ, the prophecies of the coming of Gog and Magog, the corruption and pollution of the earth, and the amazing scientific discoveries.

6. Impact of Quranic Teachings on Daily Life The Qur’an strongly forbids bad behavior, consumption of alcohol and drugs, selfish practices such as obscenity and adultery, gambling, business interests, jealousy, profane arrogance, and anger.

The Qur’an teaches, “Abandon these things for the sake of sanity and happiness.” Because people with these vices are caught in a vicious circle of evil that makes their own life and the lives of others miserable.

7-Learning the Quran is the most important text for Muslims around the world. Contains teachings and guidance on how Muslims should live. The Quran is not a scientific or medical book, but it does guide how to lead to personal mental and physical health.

You must know The Benefits of reading the Noble Quran, so you can answer the question of What happens if you don’t read Quran?

4- The Benefits of reading the Noble Quran

1- Reading the Holly Quran broadens your horizons, gives you wisdom, and keeps you up to date. I mean, if you understand what you’re reading, right? The next paragraph is a perk of reading even if you don’t understand the Quran.

2- Purifying by reading the Quran The second reason why you should read the Quran even if you don’t understand it is that it purifies you. It purifies your mind. Relax your body for an act of worship.

3- Reading the Quran protects you from transgressions and immorality To be protected from transgression and immorality is to be protected from acts that lead to them. To make this easier, help find someone who recites the Quran every other day, at least he has one verse, but most importantly, he reads it every day. When you find him, I think you can see that he has a higher level of morality and kindness compared to Muslims who don’t read the Quran every day.

4- Reading the Qur’an protects you from all disasters yes. Reading the Quran protects you from the evils you know and the evils you don’t know. Evils are heard and evils unheard of. Evil near you and evil far from you. visible and invisible evil. Reading the Quran, even if we do not understand it, protects us from the harm of evil within us. Now you know the answer of What happens if you don’t read Quran?