Learning Quran Tajweed Online Course

Learning Quran Tajweed Online Course will teach you how to recite the Quran in the same manner as the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Our native Arabic tutors will show you how to use the many rules of intonation to Quran recitation. Learning Quran Tajweed Online will help you or your children learn accurate Quran recitation, as…

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Learning Quran Tajweed Online Course will teach you how to recite the Quran in the same manner as the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Our native Arabic tutors will show you how to use the many rules of intonation to Quran recitation.

Learning Quran Tajweed Online will help you or your children learn accurate Quran recitation, as well as the complexities of Quranic verses and the difficulties of proper pronunciation in each part of the mouth.

It will be quite simple for a Quran learner to study Quran recitation through one-on-one live courses with our expert Quran teachers.

What is Learning Quran Tajweed Online?

Tajweed means “perfecting” or excelling at Quran recitation. This essentially entails ensuring that each letter in the Quran is given its due when recited.

As well as adhering to the rules that apply to them in various situations based on their unique features. We make amends by adhering to the traits that are present at the appropriate time.

Advantages of Learning Quran Tajweed Online

Reward in the Hereafter

The noble obedient angels will join the Quran reciter who recites it correctly in the afterlife.

Allah’s Messenger said, “The one who is perfect in the Quran recitation will be with angels and he who reads the Quran and finds it so difficult to read, doing his best to read it in the greatest way possible, will have two rewards”.

Furthermore, Learning Quran Tajweed Online on a daily basis will act as an intercessor for us on the Day of Judgment.

The beauty of the Text

Tajweed helps you understand the interpretation of the divine message and a beautiful work of art and poetry.

It is not only a collection of revelations about Allah, man, and life, but also a sublime work of art and poetry.

Other sacred writings around the world lack the Quran’s fluency of language and breadth of word choice.

Learning Quran Tajweed Online allows you to gain a better understanding of the text.

Understanding of the Verses Correctly

Quran Tajweed  helps you to properly understand the timing, couplets, and rhythms of the Quran.

Arabic is an extremely sensitive language. When you mispronounce a word, the meaning is completely changed.

Learning Quran Tajweed Online improves Quran recitation by helping the reciter in avoiding recitation errors and so helping the reciter in gaining Allah’s satisfaction.

There are numerous advantages of Quran Tajweed , including soul cleaning and aiding the Muslim in feeling Allah’s (SWT) words rather than only reading or understanding the meaning.


A student must first understand the basics of Quran study before Learning Quran Tajweed.

The student who joins this course without understanding of the Qurans structure, verses, and language will fail to articulate the correct pronunciation.

Because Tajweed dives deeply into the language structure of Arabic and the variations (some slight, some huge) among individual words and letters, students must have a solid understanding of the Arabic language.

For beginners who do not know anything about the Arabic language, we provide expert teachers on our website “Quran Blessing” who teach you the Arabic language from scratch to professionalism in Arabic Language Course.

How many Tajweed rules are there in Learning  Quran Tajweed Online?

The number of Tajweed rules exceeds 70 rules. We mention some of these rules;

Tajweed: The Foundations

Al-Isti‘aatha and Al-Basmalah

Noon And Meem Mushaddadah

Al-Noon Al-Saakinah Rules


Al-Meem Al-Saakinah Rules

Ahkaam Al-Madd

Al-Laam Al-Qamareeyah

Al-Laam Al-Shamseeyah


The Cutting Hamzah

The Connecting Hamzah

The Silent and Pronounced Alif

Makhaarij Al-Huroof

Preventing Two Saakins from Meeting

Sifaatul Huroof

Levels of Tafkheem

Tafkheem and Tarqeeq of the letter Raa





You can learn all Tajweed rules through our website “Quran Blessing” as we provide Learning Quran Tajweed Online Course.

How do you memorize Tajweed rules in Learning Quran Tajweed Online?

Hire a Professional Instructor intonation through our website

Learning Quran Tajweed  from a Muslim instructor is a very essential part of Tajweed memorizing process.

We have experienced teachers who can teach you Quran Tajweed easily. We provide Learning Quran Tajweed Online Course. You can join it whenever you like.

Focus on the articulation points of Arabic letters

We should pronounce each Quranic word correctly in order to respect Allah’s terms (SWT).

To begin, you must first understand the letters, their sounds, and their articulation. In this case, you must first thoroughly rehearse the sound of each letter.

All this you can learn if you join Learning Quran Tajweed Online Course on our website.

Recitation of the Holy Quran

For non-Arabs, the Quran is the most reliable and essential source of Tajweed rules. It’s where you’ll find all of the terms you’re trying to learn. And the more you read the Quran, the better you become at expressing these ideas.

Next to Learning Quran Tajweed Online Course, we provide Quran recitation Online Classes on our website. If you want to join it, we will be pleased and honored to have you join us.  Also if you want to learn Quran for kids, we provide special classes for your kids on the website with qualified teachers.

 Mistakes will teach you

A lot of us believe that reading the Quran if you don’t know how to read it correctly is haram. This belief is not only incorrect; it is also harmful since it prevents us from reciting the Quran.

Is Tajweed compulsory?

Surely, Tajweed is compulsory. Tajweed is simply a means of improving one’s recitation. It is adequate if a person reads and pronounces the letters clearly with the vowels.

Why is Learning Quran Tajweed Online Course necessary?

The holy Quran is Allah’s revelation, a divine message, guidance and mercy to all humanity from Allah Almighty.

It provides info, regulations, and suggestions on all aspects of life, as well as references to the afterlife.

As a result, it’s critical to be interested in Learning Quran Tajweed Online in order to prevent pronouncing Allah’s words incorrectly (SWT).

Actually, a single letter error might lead to misinterpretation or incorrect interpretation of the entire verse (ayah).

Quran Tajweed enables you to pronounce Arabic alphabets precisely as they should be spoken in order for our phrases to convey the appropriate meaning. It teaches us, for example, that “ص” and “س” are spoken differently and that mixing them up in words can result in you saying one thing but meaning something else.