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Quran verses about blessings of Allah

quran verses about blessings of Allah

Quran verses about blessings of Allah for man are a lot that cannot be counted. Allah said in Surat Al Nahl;

“And if you were to count Allah’s blessings, you’d be unable to do so. Allah is very Merciful and Forgiving“.

Man is surrounded by many blessings and he does not realize them. Therefore, we must know the value of these blessings and preserve them.

We must thank Allah and do our duty towards these blessings.

Are blessings in Quran countable?

Allah’s blessings are not countable as Allah said in Surat Al Nahl;

“And you wouldn’t be able to enumerate Allah’s blessings if you tried.”

These blessings include the health of the body, the sound mind, the strength of the hands and feet, and what God created in the heavens and the earth for the sake of man, such as animals, birds, seas, rivers, mountains, rain, sun, moon and other blessings.

Below we will mention some of Quran verses about blessings of Allah.

Quran verses about blessings of Allah in Surat Al-Ghashiya

Allah created camels and harnessed it to serve man. He created the heavens and raised them, created the mountains and fixed them, created the earth and made it flat in shape, as Allah said:

Do they not observe the Camels’ building?

And how is the sky elevated up?

And how are the mountains fixed in place?

What about the Earth’s distribution? (17-20) Al-Ghashiya

Quran verses about blessings of Allah in Surat A’li Imran

God forgives sins, gives to Muslim what he promised to the messengers, knows very well the value of Muslim’s deeds and rewards him with the best reward.

“Our Lord, we have believed, so forgive us our sins and preserve us from the Fire’s punishment”. (16) A’li Imran

“Oh, Lord! you didn’t do anything for no cause; you’re far from being absurd. So protect us from the wrath of fire. Lord! Those who are set on fire are helpless, and those who commit crimes have no supporters. Thank you, Lord! We heard someone cry to faith (saying that you must) believe in your Lord, and so we did. Thank you, Lord! Forgive our sins, dismiss our evil deeds, and bring us to you with the upright. Thank you, Lord! Give us what your messengers promised, and don’t leave us on the day of the resurrection. You never fail to keep your word.” (191-194) A’li Imran

Other Quran verses about blessings of Allah in Surat A’li Imran:

  • Lord, help us! We trust in what you sent down, so we follow the messenger, and then we register with others who bear witness to it. (53) A’li Imran
  • Oh, my Lord! Grant me descent children and children of children via your kindness. You do pay attention to the prayers. (38) A’li Imran

Quran verses about blessings of Allah in Surat Fatir

  • Allah is the One Who sends forth the Winds to raise the Clouds, and We drive them to a country that is dead, and We resurrect the ground with them after their death: such (will be) the Resurrection! (9) Fatir
  • And Allah created you from dust, then from a sperm drop, and then in pairs. And without His awareness, no female conceives or puts down (her load). A man who has lived a long life is neither granted a certain number of days, nor is a part of his life cut off from him, but is in a Decree (ordained). All of this is simple for Allah. (11) Fatir
  • The two bodies of flowing water are also not the same: one is tasty, sweet, and pleasant to drink, while the other is salty and harsh. Yet you eat fresh and tender flesh from each (kind of water), and you extract jewellery to wear from it; and thou seest ships ploughing the waves, that ye may seek (thus) of Allah’s Bounty and be grateful. (12) Fatir
  • He turns Night into Day and Day into Night, and he has made the sun and the moon (according to his Law): each one runs its course for a set period of time. Allah, your Lord, is like this: all dominion belongs to Him. And those whom you invoke in addition to Him have no power. (13) Fatir
  • Isn’t it true that Allah pours rain down from the sky? We then bring out various colored produce with it. In the mountains, there are patches of white and red in varying colors, as well as black with a strong tint. (27) Fatir
  • They come in diverse colours among men, crawling things, and cattle. Those who sincerely fear Allah, among His servants, are those who have knowledge, because Allah is Mighty and Forgiving. (28) Fatir

Quran verses about blessings of Allah in Surat Al-Anaam


Quran verses about blessing of Allah.
Quran verses about blessings of Allah

At the first of surah

  • Allah is praised for creating the sky and the earth, as well as the darkness and light. (1) Al-Anaam

At the middle of surah

  • Allah is the one who splits and sprouts the seed grain and the date stone. He brings the living out of the dead, and He is the one who brings the dead out of the living. If Allah is the case, how are you being led astray from the truth? (95) Al-Anaam
  • He is the one who brings the day-break (from the darkness): He creates the night for rest and peace, and the sun and moon for time reckoning: Such is (Him), the Exalted in Power, the Omniscient, judgment and directing. (96) Al- Anaam
  • It is He Who creates the stars (as beacons) for you, so that you may navigate across the dark areas of land and sea with their help: We detail our signs for those who know. (97) Al- Anaam
  • It is He Who has created you from a single person: here is a place of sojourn and departure: We clarify our signs for those who fully understand. (98) Al- Anaam
  • It is He Who sends down rain from the skies: with it, we produce vegetation of all kinds: from some, we produce green (crops), from which we produce grain, heaped up (at harvest); from the date-palm and its sheaths, we produce clusters of dates hanging low and near; and (then) there are gardens of grapes, olives, and pomegranates, each similar (in kind) yet different (in variety): When they start to bear fruit, feast your eyes on the ripeness of the fruit. Behold, there are signs for those who believe in these things. (99) Al- Anaam

At the end of surah

  • It is He Who creates gardens, both with and without trellises, and dates, and tilth with all kinds of product, and olives and pomegranates, both identical (in type) and distinct (in variety): eat their fruit in season, but pay the dues on the day the crop is harvested. But do not waste in excess, for Allah despises wasters. (141) Al- Anaam
  • He who does good deeds will be rewarded tenfold; he who does evil will only be punished according to his bad; no wrong will be done to them. (160) Al- Anaam

Quran verses about blessings of Allah in Surat Abasa

Then let the man see his food (and how we provide it). We provide plenty water for that purpose. We also split the earth into pieces. And corn will grow there, grapes, healthy plants, olives and dates, too. And there are walled gardens with tall trees. As well as fruits and fodder. It is for you and your cattle’s usage and convenience. (24-32) Abasa

Quran verses about blessings of Allah in Surat Al- Nahl

At the first of surah

Cattle, which He created for you (man), provide warmth and numerous benefits, and you consume their (flesh).

And as you drive them home in the evening and lead them out to pasture in the morning, you feel pride and beauty in them.

They carry your heavy cargoes to countries that you could not reach (otherwise) but with souls in agony, for your Lord is Most Kind, Most Merciful.

And He has made horses, mules, and donkeys for you to ride and use for show, as well as other things that you are unaware of.

He is the one who sends down rain from the sky, which you drink and from which vegetation you feed your animals grows.

It is with it that He creates corn, olives, date palms, grapes, and all kinds of fruit for you: indeed, this is a sign for those who think.

He has made the night and the day subject to you, as well as the sun and the moon, and the stars, by His command: indeed, in this are Signs for wise folks.

And the things that He has multiplied on this planet in various colors (and qualities): surely, this is a sign for those who adore Allah (in gratitude).

 It is He Who has subjected the sea to you, so that you may eat its fresh and soft flesh and extract ornaments to wear from it; and thou seest the ships plowing the seas, so that you may seek Allah’s blessing and be grateful. (5-14) Al- Nahl

At the middle of surah

You will find an instructive sign in cattle as well. We create milk, pure and pleasing to people who drink it, from what is within their bodies between excretions and blood.

And you have nutritious water and nourishment from the fruit of the date palm and the vine: behold, this is also a sign for the wise.

And thy Lord taught the Bee to establish its cells in hills, trees, and man-made structures.

Then to eat of all the earth’s product, and to find with skill the Lord’s spacious paths: there comes forth from inside their bodies a drink of various colors, which is healing for men: indeed, this is a sign for people who think. (66-69) Al- Nahl

At the end of surah

It is Allah Who made for you homes of rest and quiet; and made for you (tents for) dwellings out of the skins of animals, which ye find so light (and handy) when ye travel and stop (in your travels); and rich stuff and articles of convenience (to serve you) for a time out of their wool, and soft fibers (between wool and hair), and their hair.

Allah made some things to offer you shade from the things He created; He made some shelter from the hills; He made you clothing to protect you from the heat and mail coats to guard you from your (mutual) hostility. So He completes His blessings on you, that you may accept His will (in Islam). (80-81) Al Nahl


Finally, we say that we have mentioned a very small number of Quran verses about blessings of Allah 

So, we have to realize the importance of these blessings. No matter how many blessings a person loses, he is surrounded by many others. Thank Allah for everything.

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