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How to learn Quran fast & easy at home?

How to learn Quran fast & easy

To answer the question of how to Learn Quran fast & easily at home? we must know the value and virtue of the Noble Quran over humanity.

The Quran” is the first name by which the holy text of Islam is called. The book of Almighty Allah is called the “Quran” because it contains within it stories and times, promises and warnings, commands and prohibitions.

In summary, the definition of the Quran can be called The Word of Allah, revealed by Allah to the Prophet Muhammad () marvelous in its vocabulary, by its recitation, Allah is worshiped.

It opens with Surah Al-Fatihah and ends with Surah AL Nas.

1- How to learn Quran fast & easy at home?

To answer this question, we must address the importance of the Noble Qur’an

2– Importance of the Holly Quran

Holly Quran contains teachings and instructions on how Muslims should live. The Quran is not a scientific or medical book, but it does guide us in our mental, and physical health, So The Holly Quran means:

1. The Quran explains the meaning of life.

2-The Quran teaches the unity of God.

3-The Quran teaches moral, social, and spiritual values.

4 The Quran presents the Prophet Muhammad as an excellent example to follow – The wisdom of the teachings of the Quran is based on reasons.

How to learn Quran fast & easy at home?
How to learn Quran fast & easy at home?

How to learn Quran fast & easy at home?

3- How to learn the Arabic Language

1- Arabic involves several sciences, all covered in our Quran Blessing Site. Here you will find lessons and exercises that will allow you to improve your reading, writing, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and syntax.

2- Learn Arabic Alphabet – our leading Arabic alphabet course with updated exercises and sounds includes several detailed lessons covering the basics of Arabic and Tajweed pronunciation.

3- Arabic Grammar: A Guide to Learn Arabic Faster and Understand Better by Learning Basic principles of Arabic grammar.

4- Arabic nouns – lessons for beginners that provide an overview and details about nouns, pronouns, adjectives, and adverbs in Arabic grammar.

5- Arabic phrases – a short guide explaining the essentials of Arabic phrases to prepare for more advanced topics.

6- After learning how to read Arabic, learn to read the Quran under the guidance of an experienced tutor. The Quran Reading Course teaches you how to perform Quranic readings and how to pronounce Quranic words correctly.

Want to excel in reading the Quran? Do you recite the Quran the way Prophet Muhammad () recited it? If so, you should learn the rules of the Tajweed. The Tajweed Rules course is designed to help you learn how to pronounce the letters of words correctly.

4Easy way to memorize The Holly Quran

The Prophet Muhammad () said, “Recite the Quran, for on the Day of Resurrection the Quran will appear as an intercessor for those who recite it.” [Muslim]

how to learn Quran fast &easy?

To answer this, you must do the following:

1- You must have an intention to memorize the Noble Quran, and try to stay away from things that prevent you from memorizing. Learn Quran.

2- You must ask Almighty Allah for help during prayer, so you win Allah Heaven by memorizing, Learn Quran and gaining Allah’s approval.

3- Ask Allah for forgiveness to erase the sins you have committed, so stay away from sins that make you forget the commandment to memorize the Holy Quran.

4- You must have the motivation and perseverance to memorize the Quran and avoid wasting time on unimportant things.

5- You create a table that details how long it took you to memorize the Quran and how many pages you had to remember.

6- The daily review should be done immediately following the completion of the day’s memorization.

7- It is necessary to understand the verses you memorize because this helps to speed up memorization.

8- You should review what you memorized during prayer, so it will help you verify your memorization.

9- Repeatedly listen to Quran recitation with Tajweed from your best memorizing Quran reciter.

Many people ask how long it takes to learn the Quran. To answer this question, we have to consider many things. Learning the Quran is an incredible spiritual journey to take. It brings you closer to Allah and the best version of yourself. ISLAM is of great spiritual importance in memorizing the Quran.

How long does it take to learn the Quran? Learning the Quran takes two or three years to complete. Some people manage to do it in less period.

You have three popular options to learn Quran fast & easy

The first is to memorize the individual verses, remembering what comes after each verse.

The second method is the three-line method, where you memorize three lines as a whole.

The third method is to memorize and learn by yourself a quarter of a whole part as a whole.

Choose what works best for you to learn Quran fast & easy.

What is an audit plan to learn Quran fast & easy?

Everyone who studies the Quran should have a review system. The revision system is what keeps the Quran intact and in your memory, lest you lose it over the years or confuse similar verses with each other. To keep the Quran in your memory, you will always revise it regularly and follow a monthly or yearly review schedule.

How can I memorize the Quran faster or learn Quran fast & easy?

Now, even if you go at your own pace, you may still have to pick it up again at any time. Nobody remembers the whole Quran from the first time. The Quran should be memorized and revised regularly. A schedule must be repeated regularly over the years so as not to lose parts of it over time. The more you study, the faster you will get there!

How do learn the Quran fast & easy at home?

5- The virtue of reading the Quran

1- Whoever reads a letter in the Book of Allah will be credited as a good deed, and a good deed will receive a tenfold reward. If you read One letter of the Quran, so ten good deeds.

2- Whoever reads the Quran with difficulty will have a double reward, Whoever Learn Quran and reads it fluently will be surrounded by docile and noble angels, and whoever reads the Quran with hesitation and difficulty will have a double reward.

We have carefully selected first-class teachers and practitioners of the Quran. Our teachers are skilled reciters to encourage students to act well and keep their interest.

Our experience with students allows us to determine the fastest and most effective teaching methods, if Allah wills, will ensure that they get the best results in memorizing the Holy Quran in the shortest possible time.

If all the points mentioned above are followed, you will know the answer to How to learn Quran fast & easy?

Feel free to watch any video on our channel that will help you decide if we can be your mates on the journey.

Tips to Increase Your Quran, Reading Speed

  • To attain proficiency in reading the Quran without errors, adhere to our five effective tips. Swift progress in Quranic learning is guaranteed by incorporating these daily practices.
  • Master the Noorani Qaida as a foundational step towards fluency, as it imparts essential rules crucial for smooth Quranic reading.
  • Familiarize yourself with a selection of Arabic vocabulary frequently used in the Quran. These 300 words constitute 70% of the Quranic text. Just envision the efficiency gained by mastering these words before delving into Quranic passages.
  • Opt for repetition over progression when reading. Much like the adage, “If you want to be a kicker, kick,” the key to Quranic mastery lies in consistent reading. Reading a page in the morning, revisiting it in the afternoon, and again in the evening will enhance both speed and accuracy. The third reading will demonstrate noticeable improvement.
  • Embrace the learning of Tajweed rules to prevent recitation errors. Proficiency in Tajweed and pronunciation correlates with increased reading speed.


Learning the Quran independently is possible for basic reading and memorization, but having guidance from an experienced teacher is highly recommended. A qualified mentor helps with accurate pronunciation, and understanding of meanings, and provides support for memorization goals.

While online resources can be useful, seeking guidance from a knowledgeable teacher, either locally or online, ensures a more comprehensive and spiritually enriching learning experience; Quran blessing can be a good example of this.

Memorizing the entire Quran in one year is possible with consistent practice and realistic goals. Understanding the meanings, seeking guidance, and regular review contribute to quality memorization, emphasizing comprehension over speed. Individual learning speeds vary, and perseverance is key to success.

Perfecting a beautiful Quranic recitation involves Tajweed study, emulation of skilled reciters, understanding meanings, and gradual, controlled practice. Integration into daily prayers adds a spiritual dimension, emphasizing sincerity and a heartfelt connection with the verses.

Begin your Quranic learning journey with the briefest and simplest surahs. This approach not only establishes a consistent learning routine but also serves as motivation to progress to more extended surahs.

Your completion timeline for the Quran is contingent on your chosen learning plan. Quran Blessing provides various schedules, allowing you to finish the Quran in:

➡️ Six or eight months
➡️ Ten months or a year
➡️ Two years
➡️ Three to four years

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