Kindly read our Student Policy for payment and Attendance.

Booking of sessions
A student must book a minimum of 2 sessions a week


According to the company policy, the tuition fees must be paid in advance.

This will enable you to secure your session with the staff.
For the peace of mind of a student a flexible approach will be taken.

The hours will be strictly recorded on a record sheet if the student was unable to use up all the hours paid for. The hours will be rolled over the following month.
Upon the change in circumstances, however, if the student decides to no longer continue learning from the company, then a refund of the leftover amount will be made.
(Nevertheless, 5% of admin fees will be deducted)


  • Students must be on time and log in online for the lesson.
    If the student would like to reschedule the lesson, due to a change in circumstances at the usual time.
  • They must contact the admin/ teacher 2 hours prior to the lesson. so that a different time slot could be allocated for them.
  • If the student fails to inform the admin/ teacher beforehand, and the teacher awaits the student for 15 minutes, and the student fails to attend the lesson. The student will be obliged to pay for the lesson. As the teacher was booked and paid for that time.
  • If the student joins the lesson later than the start time. Unfortunately, the teacher will NOT make up for the lost time. On the other hand, if the teacher is delayed for any reason, he will make up for the lost time.


  •  The teacher’s phone number or whats app details cannot be shared with the student. If the student would like to contact the teacher, they will either email the teacher or contact the admin.



Class Rules

 There should be mutual respect between teacher and student
The student should turn their camera on for accurate interaction
The teacher deserves the right to call off the session if they feel any type of unacceptable behavior is portrayed by the student.
The teacher deserves the right to prompt and encourages the student to focus on the learning
The Student deserves the right to ask questions only related to the subject, the teacher is appointed to teach.

Refer a friend policy

Upon starting with the company, if the student recommends the company to a family or friend they will receive a %50 discount for the first 5 sessions that they booked with the teacher. ( minimum of two sessions a week)
If the student decides to introduce more people the same discount will be added for each person recommended.