There are many common questions we receive from students from all over the world that we will mention and answer below.

At Quran Blessing, the process is very simple.  To meet with one of our expert evaluators, you must first schedule a free online evaluation session. The evaluation phase is critical because it allows you to focus on your individual needs and determine whether Quran Blessing programme is right for you. During the session, you can also get any of your questions and concerns answered.

We’ve had success with extremely young children throughout the years, but we know that each child is different, and some may have difficulty interacting with a teacher online. In general, we’ve found that teaching online is rarely a problem starting at the age of seven.
For students of younger ages, a parent or guardian may be needed to accompany the student during classes at first to provide assistance until the student becomes accustomed to his or her teacher.

Quran Blessing only provides a free evaluation that is carefully intended to inform students about the process, what to expect, and to address any concerns they may have. Our goal is to see if the online medium and programmes we provide are appropriate for you and your family. Furthermore, in order to maximize outcomes, we carefully select and match the teacher to the student based on a variety of characteristics such as academic, behavioral, and social factors.

Without a doubt, Teenagers and older students are usually assigned teachers who are of the same gender. When a student wants a highly specialized field of expertise, the teacher’s academic training is taken into account in order to assign the best fit.

Depending on student/parent preferences and the assessment of student requirements and how they correspond with teachers’ background and training, younger children can be given teachers of either gender.

Quran Blessing puts a premium on your security. We aim to ensure that your lessons take place in a secure and safe environment.
Unlike traditional zoom courses, all of our zoom links have an encrypted password encoded in them. When you click the link, your encrypted password is sent over a secure channel, and your identity is verified, allowing you to enter the session.
Furthermore, once a student attends a session, teachers lock it, making it impossible for anybody else to enter.

Group courses can be extremely successful, cost-effective, and engaging. Simply fill out our sign-up form to get started with Quran Blessing. During your initial session, you can discuss the various group lessons that are currently available with one of our registrar members.

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