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5 Best Apps For Quran Memorization In 2024

Committing the Quran to memory is undoubtedly a lengthy yet immensely rewarding undertaking. Given the increasing digital influence in various aspects of our lives, now is the opportune moment to integrate these tools into your Quran memorization journey. Thankfully, numerous apps at your disposal can greatly facilitate the process of memorizing the Quran. Allow us to highlight some of the top recommendations for you.

5 Best Apps For Quran Memorization In 2024

1- Al Muqri’

This app is frequently highlighted and readily available. I frequently suggest it due to the inclusion of Dr. Ayman al-Suwaid in the audio list. The developers behind this application have also created other impressive apps for recitation, tafsīr, learning Arabic, memorization, and testing your knowledge of the Qur’ān or texts such as Muqaddimat al-Jazariyyah.

2- Memorize Quran

Best Apps For Quran Memorization
Best Apps For Quran Memorization

Brother Shoaib, the developer, has done an excellent job with this application. It offers a wide range of features that are ideal for memorization. The ‘Intellij Mode’ they’ve implemented enhances the convenience of the process, allowing you to customize repetition amounts for new āyāt, pauses, and repeat times for the set. It’s a truly impressive app.


3- Tarteel

This app is widely recognized within the community and has undergone significant development since its introduction in 2018/2019. Tarteel incorporates machine learning (artificial intelligence) to analyze your recitation and identify mistakes. Additionally, their technology is behind the voice search feature on quran.com, a platform many of you use for Hifz. The premium features are impressive, although mistake detection is a work in progress.

Currently, mistakes are identified at the word level rather than letters (hurūf), diacritics (i’jām / harakāt), or tajwīd. Due to the high sensitivity, some users may find that mistakes are detected too easily, making it challenging to progress beyond the Fātiha, regardless of effort.


4- With The Qur’an

Right from the beginning, I found this app to be highly impressive. The onboarding procedure begins with the selection of a mus’haf, offering options like King Fahad copies and the Madani Indo-Pak. This app, enriched with features, is an excellent tool to start your hifz journey.

5- Quran Mobasher

I am enthusiastic about this app. Quran Mobasher stands out as the initial mobile application offering students the opportunity to learn the Quran at no cost, guided by qualified instructors. The concept revolves around the ability to connect at any time and engage in live recitation sessions with a teacher through either video or audio calls.

Users can choose teachers, exchange messages, bookmark preferred instructors, and schedule appointments. The app is utilized for refining recitation, memorization, and instructing children. However, it’s worth noting that the majority of teachers are Arab, which may lead to language barriers for some users. Nonetheless, an English-speaking student did try the app and successfully had a productive session with a female teacher.

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