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Dua to learn Quran for Kids Quickly

dua to learn Quran for Kids Quickly


Dua to learn Quran for Kids Quickly
Dua to learn Quran for Kids Quickly

The importance of Dua to learn Quran

learn Quran makes you Turn to Allah – the Highest – in Dua is of great importance to the Muslims in this world and the hereafter. including the following:

Sensing the proximity of Allah

The response of Allah – the Highest – to the Dua if the fulfills the conditions for the response.

which are: realization of faith in Allah – the Highest – and implementation of His commands and avoidance of His prohibitions. presence of the heart.

and Dua for something that is legally permissible; Because the previous noble verse linked the attainment of guidance and obtaining the answer to the fulfillment of these conditions.

in addition to the fact that the Muslim Dua to Allah – the Highest – is certain of the answer. and is confident in it; He calls with determination. desire. and hope

Knowing that Dua is the most honorable act of worship to Allah

Dua to learn Quran for Kids Quickly

Here are some supplications that a Muslim can call upon to facilitate memorizing the Holy Qur’an:

  •  O Allah. I am asking you to make it easier for me to memorize the Holy Qur’an.
  • and to make it easier for him to understand the verses of the great book. and to make me one of the diligent Hafiz.
  • O Allah. I ask you to repent of me and forgive me. to honor Me By keeping your Quran. and to facilitate and help me with that. O my Allah.
  •  Allah. my wish to seal the Holy Qur’an for safekeeping and understanding is increasing in my heart day by day. and I ask you.
  • O Allah. to facilitate my memorization and to grant me patience to review.  the strength of the portfolio and the speed of intuition.
  • Allah made it easy for me to memorize the Qur’an. understand it. recite it. and make me one of the workers of it. and make it an argument for me on the day of resurrection.

Every father and mother aspires to bring up their children with goodness and good morals.

and the best way to learn the Quran and understand the verses of Allah Almighty.

our conversation in this article will be about how children memorize the Quran in accordance with their age and the best creative and traditional ways to memorize the Quran for a child.

Ways to learn the Quran for children

Scholars may differ in determining the appropriate age to learn the Quran for a child. some of whom are more likely to be seven years old.

and some of them leave it to the parents because of their ability to know the extent of the child’s readiness and readiness for understanding and discrimination.

the method of education and encouragement is the main one in teaching a child the basics of memorizing the Qur’an.

so the process of memorizing the Qur’an for the child can be facilitated by:

Repetition and repetition:

Learning the Quran with repetition method is one of the best methods used to learn the Quran for children.

especially before learning to write and read.

and it is done by repeating the recitation of the Quran in front of the child on a daily basis.

and repeating the same Surah at least three times. when doing this activity regularly you will see the child start memorizing automatically.

Reading the Quran aloud in front of the child:

Learning the Quran, and reading aloud in front of the child helps to encourage the child to try to recite and imitate.

after reading you can ask the child to repeat what he heard. and the skills of intonation and pronunciation should be good so that you can indoctrinate the child in the best way.

Start memorizing short surahs:

there are some short and easy surahs in the Holy Quran that you can start memorizing the Quran for a child.

such as Surah Al-Fatiha and Al-Kawthar. which the child hears automatically a lot. which helps him in rushing and continuing to memorize. to feel his ability to achieve.

Listening to the Quran on a regular basis:

If you want to learn the Quran, the method of listening really helps the child in memorizing the Holy Quran Of course.

the child’s regular listening to the Quranic surahs. especially short ones. helps to facilitate the memorization process for the child without feeling and gradually.

but taking into account some factors such as the tone of the reader’s voice. fluency. and speed of his voice while reading.

Sending a child to the mosque to memorize the Quran:

this is the traditional method that parents usually adopt to push children to memorize the Holy Quran.

called memorization rings or data bits. and has proven effective for its role in improving the interaction between a group of children.

forming a Quranic background and Islamic culture. in addition to competition between them. which pushes them to learn more easily.

Creative ways to learn the Quran for Children

Memorizing the Holy Quran for a child is not the only goal.

but encouraging the child to learn the Quran with love and desire commensurate with his age.

makes him more capable of memorizing and understanding and encourages him to long for the councils of the Quran.

which is the main goal. and one of the ways that increase the child’s desire to continue memorizing the Quran is to mention:

Offering reward and praise:

it is difficult to approach the desire of a child to memorize the Holy Quran to talk about his virtues and rewards.

especially if he is under seven years old. the child is often interested in material and tangible desires.

the child can be encouraged by presenting a gift such as a toy he would like to have or food he would like when he finishes memorizing a certain surah.

in addition to praising the child with some kind phrases such as saying “Allah loves you” or “You recite in a great way. you have to keep doing it.

Teaching Tajweed to children by playing:

there is nothing wrong with teaching a child to memorize and recite the Quran by playing.

the child can Learn the Quran with memorization rings that we talked about earlier by following the methods of participation with other children.

and making him track the other child’s recitation and identify his mistakes when they are discovered. he gets praise and follows up.

this is a competitive and fun way at the same time while teaching the child to memorize the Quran.

Recording the child’s voice while reading the Quran:

the child should be encouraged to record his voice while reciting the Quran and praise for that.

which gives him the opportunity to re-hear himself reciting the Holy Quran and correct his mistakes himself. this will make him more confident in himself and able to enable his memorization of the Holy Quran.

Celebrating when a child memorizes something from the Quran:

one of the ways a child wants to memorize the Holy Quran is to boast about himself and his parents brag about it. parents can make a party.

albeit small when the child seals a part of the Holy Quran in which family members and some of the child’s friends are gathered. to encourage the child to continue and that memorizing the Quran is a great thing that deserves praise.

Reading stories from the Quran to the child:

children by nature love to tell stories. and the Holy Quran is full of interesting and useful stories.

so you should tell simple stories of the Quran in an easy way to attract the child to read them himself and to become more connected with the Holy Quran and memorizing it becomes easier.

Tips for learning Quran children

There are basics that must be followed to encourage the child to memorize the Quran.

whatever method you will use with the child so that the child feels the desire to memorize without laziness.

some of the tips that we offer to help the child memorize the Quran are:

Start with yourself:

before thinking about teaching your child to memorize the Holy Quran.

look at your lifestyle are you reciting the Quran in front of him regularly and correctly Do you have the ability to convince a child to memorize the Quran Are you committed to the religious teachings that the child will learn from the Holy Quran Some parents encourage the child to memorize the Qur’an while they are not familiar enough with it.

and the child sees them reading it only during prayer times. and they do not follow its teachings in their daily lives and dealings.

You should start by memorizing and reciting the Qur’an yourself. and if not memorizing.

perhaps you can develop the ability to interpret verses for your child to facilitate the process of memorization for him.

and certainly, adhere to their meaning of command and prohibition.

Getting to know the style of education:

the parents ‘ job is to determine the method that drives the child to memorize the Holy Quran better because they know the appropriate ways that their child wants and have closely monitored the process of growth and development.

some children have the ability to memorize more by hearing.

and others through reading and observation have more effective learning.

The change in the method of memorizing the Quran:

the daily routine may cause the child to become bored and his desire to continue memorizing the Quran decreases.

as changing the method helps to increase the rush to memorize. a period in the mosque.

a period in repeated reading and a period in competition and participation in competitions conducted by some centers of memorizing the Quran.

which supports the child’s ability to absorb better and more fun

Allow the child to play quietly with the sound of the Quran:

the Quran can be played at home for long times and the child in these periods plays quietly and listens at the same time.

which makes him get used to chanting the Quran and hearing it clearly over time without feeling bound and committed.

You can sit with the child and discuss with him religious matters and their relationship with the universe and the surrounding world in proportion to his age.

and put examples from the surrounding reality to facilitate the child’s understanding of the reasons for downloading verses and their virtues.

Errors in the child’s memorization of the Holy Quran

Some people may rush to teach children the Qur’an to the point of exaggeration and pressure.

as care and excessive emphasis on the child may alienate him from memorizing the Qur’an and make him feel that it is a burden on him.

you should pay for the method of treatment if it lacks softness and ease.

and one of the common mistakes when memorizing the:

Focusing on memorizing the Qur’an more than understanding it:

parents may be attracted to raising a child to memorize the Qur’an excessively.

neglecting the main goal for which the Holy Qur’an was revealed.

the most important thing than memorizing the Qur’an is understanding it.

which makes the child feel that it is imposed without a goal. Allah has pledged to memorize the Qur’an and ordered us to study it. because he says.

“a book that we sent down to you blessed to study its verses”

therefore. parents should be as interested in interpreting the meanings and values of the Holy Qur’an for the child as they are in memorizing the verses and surahs.

Difficult stories from the Holy Quran:

There are some Quranic stories that may be difficult to understand for children.

which may cause confusion and aversion in the child more than reassurance and enjoyment.

unlike the easy-to-understand and fun stories found in the Holy Quran.

Starting from the thirtieth part of the Holy Quran:

one of the common mistakes followed by some centers of memorization of the Holy Quran.

as well as parents when starting to memorize the Quran for children despite the ease of the surahs found in the last part of the Holy Quran.

but difficult stories with harsh endings such as the story of the owners of the groove.

may cause confusion in the child’s inability to understand the meaning of the surahs as far as he sees the picture and imagines it.

The threat of divine punishments:

the process of memorization often interferes with fear and awe.

and the child will forget what he memorized as soon as he turns away from it if his motive is fear.

so parents should avoid talking about divine punishments for those who do not memorize the Quran.

Punishment for late memorization:

Learning the Quran is imposed on every Muslim. but it is not imposing to memorize it.

and physical or verbal punishments because the child has not memorized the verses are considered the shortest way to alienate the child from the Holy Qur’an and from religion as a whole.

as memorizing the Qur’an for him is associated with abuse and pain.

which is the last thing that parents should achieve.

The importance of learning the Quran for children

Learn Quran, Memorizing the Holy Quran is one of the rituals of religion.

as it consolidates faith in the hearts of children and strengthens their faith. and a basic starting point for teaching other sciences.

in addition to its benefits on mental and mental health. and one of the benefits provided by memorizing the Holy Quran and reciting it from a young age:

Helps in strengthening memory and intelligence:

studies by Sheik Abdul Basit Metwally on the impact of the Quran and Islamic jurisprudence on the level of mental development of the child and the development of intelligence confirmed that memorizing the Quran at a young age ensures the superiority of children and their success in growing up.

and develops their ability to perceive and assimilate to a greater degree than others. as well as the ability to organize time.

Prevention of psychological diseases:

memorizing and reciting the Holy Quran continuously helps the child to achieve psychological and social balance.

as the Holy Quran helps in clarity of mind. feeling comfortable and happy.

as well as getting rid of the fear of the future. sadness. anxiety and other various negative emotions.

and the Rings of the Holy Quran are considered one of the best social circles for children because of their virtue.

Instilling the Islamic spirit in the child:

memorizing the Qur’an in a child helps to instill the Islamic spirit in him.

by correctly understanding the teachings of religion.

and the messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) says: “Allah has two parents of people.

they say O Messenger of Allah.

who are they?” He says.” they are the people of the Qur’an. they are the people of Allah and his own”.

Raising their status in this world and the hereafter:

memorizing the Holy Quran in childhood helps to consolidate the relationship between the slave and the creator.


and also helps to make the child more righteous in his daily life and away from error and sin.

the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) says:

“Allah exalts people with this book and humiliates others with it” narrated by a Muslim.

Knowing the Islamic values correctly:

  • Learning the Quran to children is an important topic in Islam by which the child grows up with the Islamic instinct. and the roles of wisdom rush to their hearts before the desires settle in them.
  • Learning the Quran makes them safe from the misinformation that they may be exposed to independently from the surrounding society.
  • religious scholars called for guiding children towards Learning the Quran at a young age.
  • to ensure their academic excellence and save the Arabic language from extinction.
  • by providing an environment of linguistic interaction through learning the Quran and practicing the language in a manner commensurate with the level of maturity of the child


While there’s no specific prayer for quick memorization mentioned in religious texts, you can personally ask Allah for assistance. Seek help for a sharp memory, understanding, and a smooth memorization journey. Your heartfelt prayers matter most. For instance, you can say: “Rabbi zidni ilma” (رَبِّ زِدْنِي عِلْمًا), meaning “O my Allah, increase me in knowledge.” Combine your dedication with sincere supplication for a potent approach.

The duration it takes for a child to learn the Quran is quite individual, influenced by factors like age, aptitude, and teaching method. While some may grasp it within a few years, others might take a bit more time. Emphasizing the quality of learning over speed is crucial. A steady practice routine, a nurturing learning atmosphere, and a patient approach contribute to a more effective and enjoyable learning experience for the child.

Helping kids memorize the Quran can be an exciting journey! Break it into smaller parts, use colorful charts or flashcards for visual aids, and add storytelling to make it more relatable. Recite together as a family to strengthen the experience, and celebrate their progress to keep them motivated!

Encouraging kids to learn the Quran is a way to introduce moral and spiritual values early on. It lays the groundwork for understanding Islamic principles and fosters a sense of identity and purpose. Beyond that, the teachings promote qualities like empathy, kindness, and community spirit. The Quran serves as a lifelong guide, offering comfort and shaping individuals to contribute positively to society while living by Islamic principles.


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