Can you learn Quran by yourself?

Can you Learn quran by yourself and

Observant Muslims’ lives revolve around the Quran. It is the most important source of Islamic law, and Muslims repeat frequently during prayers and voluntary worship. They read Quran for comfort and guidance. Traditionally, Muslim households make their children love learning Quran, however it is regarded a meritorious act if you are a new Muslim or wish to learn more of Quran on your own. Quran’s classical Arabic is unusual and beautiful, and being able to learn it by yourself can help you understand Islam.

Steps to learn Quran by yourself

  • Learning Arabic language

Learning the Arabic language is the first step in learning Quran, because not learning it leads to obvious mistakes during recitation, such as not giving the letters of Maad their due and leads to other mistakes that the reader will be blamed for.

  • Listening to the Sheikh and repetition

You must choose the sheikh who learns from Quran. You have to listen carefully while reading the Quranic verses and then repeat them so that you can memorize them with ease.

  • Record your recitation and compare it to the Sheikh’s recitation

This step is one of the most important steps to learn Quran by yourself, as you can correct your mistakes in order to avoid falling into them again.

  • Learning Tajweed

You must learn Tajweed well so that you can read Quran as the Prophet Muhammad used to read.

Among the Tajweed rules that must be studied; Noon As-Sakinah, Meem As-Sakinah and Maad.

Can you learn Quran by yourself?

The short answer to this question is that you can’t.

Even if you’re an Arab who wants to learn to read Quran with Tajweed or understand it, you’ll need a genuine and experienced teacher to help you learn Quran.

Unlike other books, Allah SWT revealed Quran. However, it is possible to understand.


The Prophet Muhammad was listening to Quran recited by the Companions. And they were doing it in front of him in order to correct mistakes if any.

This is evidence that you must have a teacher who teaches you Quran well, corrects your mistakes, and explains Quran Tafseer.