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Quran Tafseer

Quran Tafseer

Do you read the Quran but don’t know what it means? Do you want to accurately interpret Allah’s words so that you can accept them? Have you ever wondered if there is a guide that might help you understand Quranic verses? “Quran Tafseer” is the answer.

Every Muslim in the world needs to know Quran Tafseer whether kids or adults, male or female. Even if you are a Muslim living in a non-Arab country, you can learn Quran Tafseer Online. The prophet Muhammad said in this regard:

“When Allah wishes something good for someone, He gives them the understanding of Deen.”

What is Quran Tafseer?

Quran Tafseer refers to the explanations or interpretations of the Quran’s verses. It is not something done by someone with average intelligence and knowledge of Islam. It is done by experts who have gained substantial knowledge of Islam and have extensively read the history of Islam.

The goal of Quran Tafseer is to discover the real meanings of Quran verses so that the listener can benefit from it and understand the Quran’s actual message.

Types of Quran Tafseer

When it comes to Tafseer, there are two main types: Tafsir bil Riwaya, Tafsir bil Ray. These are the two major types, and all Quran Tafseers written in one or more of them fall into one of these types.

Tafsir bil Riwaya

It is the first form of Quran Tafseer, in which the verses of the Quran are explained using several transmission sources. These sources include the Quran itself, where explanations are provided by pointing to other ayahs of the Quran that discuss the same issue.

The second source is the Prophet’s (PBUH) traditions, which reveal the meaning of Quran verses through what he said and did.

Third, it is the explanation of Quranic texts by Prophet Muhammad’s Companions (PBUH).

Tafsir bil Ray

It is the second type of Quran Tafseer, which is based on reasoning and what is known as “ijtihad”, rather than on the transmission of knowledge.

It’s important to emphasize that Ijtihad does not mean abrupt or random interpretations. It is achieved by comparing the verses, traditions, and sayings of Prophet Muhammad’s outstanding Companions.

Scholars reason and get a certain interpretation of the verses of the Quran based on this comparison and contrast.

Best Quran Tafseer Books in English

There are numerous Tafseer books in English. The greatest two are as follows:

Tafseer Ibn Kathir

Tafseer Ibn Kathir is the most well-known and widely accepted interpretation of the Quran in the world. We can find the best presentation of Ahadith, history, and scholarly commentary in it.

Tafseer al-Tabari

Muhammad ibn Jarir al-tafsir Tabari’s Jmi al-bayn a tawly al-Qurn is a Sunni Tafseer written by the Persian scholar Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari (838–923). It received immediate attention and has remained influential among scholars to this day.

How to study Quran Tafseer

How to study Quran Tafseer
How to study Quran Tafseer








By Quran

The greatest and most effective method is to study Tafseer using the Quran itself. This strategy entails explaining one verse by referring to a different verse. For example, perhaps we ask whether Allah will forgive someone who has committed the sin of polytheism. The following Quranic verse provides an explanation.

By Sunnah

The traditions of Allah’s Prophet serve as a secondary source of guidance for Muslims after the Quran. People learning how to understand Tafseer might look for explanations of the Quran in Prophet Muhammad’s traditions and sayings.

By Aathaar

Another method to learn Tafseer is through Aathaar (the sayings of the Prophet’s Companions). Because of their understanding of the circumstances surrounding the Quran’s revelation, many of them spent their lives with the Prophet and knew the Quran better than others.

By Opinion

Quran Tafseer is based on scientific, philosophical, or sectarian concepts rather than knowledge and study.

Why Is It Important to Learn Quran Tafseer?

Why Is It Important to Learn Quran Tafseer?
Why Is It Important to Learn Quran Tafseer?



Some people believe that learning to read the Quran and memorizing it is sufficient. As pleasant as this is, Allah has also commanded that we understand and memorize the Quran. One of Islam’s principles is to think about and reflect on its teachings until we are satisfied.

Quran Tafseer connects you with Allah

Learning Tafseer assists you to understand the Quran’s messages and meaning. Understanding our creator’s words brings us closer to Him.

Knowing your duties

 When you study Tafseer, you will learn about your Islamic responsibilities and how to carry them out appropriately. When you know what the Quran says about Salah, you become more aware of its importance. And once you comprehend the value of Zakah in the Quran, you become more attached to it.

 To learn about Islamic History

By studying Quran Tafseer, you can find out a lot of Islamic history. The Quran, Allah’s own words, will be the most authentic source of learning about early Muslims and their good and bad deeds.

Allah Almighty narrates many stories in the Quran, including those of past Prophets and their People, Prophetic miracles, and the miracle of our Last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), among others.

Having all the answers

Whenever you feel lost in life, turn to the Quran for answers and remedies. You can’t possible have all the answers unless you understand what the Quran passages mean. Understanding Quranic verses can help you find the solutions more quickly and precisely.

Ability to invite people to Islam

Someone will ask you to guide them to Islam once or twice in your life, if you’re lucky. Non-Muslims who wish to find out the truth about the Quran from a true Muslim rather than from the media and western perspectives.


In conclusion, Quran Tafseer is important if one intends to learn the Holy Quran in its actual essence and meaning. With the help of Tafseer, a Muslim can connect the Quran, Sunnah, and sayings of the Prophet’s Companions, as well as the views of many scholars. It results in a deeper knowledge of the Quran than simply reading a translation.

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