Nurani Quran online-that helps to teach reading The Quran

Nurani Quran online


Nurani Quran online is a method that helps to teach reading and writing and to teach and memorize the Holy Quran. This is for children, non-Arabic speakers, or those who do not master Arabic.

Sheikh Noor Muhammad Haqqani developed this method; Who is of Indian origin; Then Sheikh Fath Muhammad Al-Madani came to add some modifications. These modifications would make it easier for the learner of the Nurani way to receive it easily.

For many years, Arabic teachers have used to teach the language of Arabic in many foreign countries by this method.

So In this article, we will talk about the Nurani Quran online of teaching Quran and at centers specialized in that. This method has also become available in some centers in Arab countries. Therefore, it is now easy to learn this method.

What is Nurani Quran online?

Nurani Quran method depends on the gradation. The person learns the single letters at first, then the ligatures, learning to pronounce two letters together instead of one, and then the syllable letters found at the beginning of some surahs of the Quran; Such as ” ألم “, ” كهيعص “, ” طس ” and ” طسم”.

Then teaching the vowels by opening (alfath (الفتح, ) aldamm (الضم, or breaking (alkasr الكَسر), then the letters marked with the end of words; By this it means the tanween التنوين with conquest, damm, and kasra, then teaching the letters of extension with alif (أ), waw  (و)and yaa (ي), then teaching some words that include both al mad, tanween and soft letters الحروف اللينة, then teaching the sukoon السكون in the middle and the end of the words.

Nurani Quran online
Nurani Quran online

Nurani Quran to learn Quran

What is meant by Nurani Quran online is to apply the rules of intonation in reading and memorizing the Noble Quran in a practical way, instead of listing the rules of intonation and memorizing them without application. Reading and memorizing the Quran is knowledge of the correct letters.

Nurani Quran online helps the readers of the Quran to do that in a way that does not make them difficult. In fact, the Nurani Quran to read and memorize the Quran was specially developed for those who do not speak Arabic.

Although this method is useful for both adults and children in reciting and memorizing the Noble Quran, its greatest benefit is for young children. Because the small one is often difficult to exit the letters; It makes it difficult for many of them to memorize Quran at an early age.

This is because the experiences of those who memorized the Quran to children in Nurani Quran online have proven that it makes it easier for the child to memorize and recite at an early age; Because it fits the way his brain works.

The importance of  Nurani Quran online 

Nurani Quran online is the first step in the recitation of the Noble Quran. Teaching the Noble Quran depends on the Arabic language. Therefore, the Nurani Quran is an essential factor in learning the Arabic language, where the letters of the alphabet are initially learned, and then the connection between the letters.

It also teaches the correct pronunciation, so Teaching the Holy Quran is based on the Nurani Quran online and is a well-established and well-known tradition in countries where the population speaks Arabic and other countries.

In general, the biggest challenge facing people who learn to recite the Quran is the most complex Arabic letter pronunciation, and they can overcome these difficulties through continuous practice and training.

The importance of learning the Nurani Quran is due to many reasons, as follows:

  • It is attached to the Quran and the Arabic language, and it is interested in everything that needs reading and writing in general.
  • The gradation, ease, and clarity of the Nurani Quran online for the student, away from complexity, in addition to the presence of many examples and exercises from the Quran; measures students’ understanding and comprehension, while building students’ minds to understand letter shapes and words.
  • Distinguished arrangement and division, with many colors; To set letters and words.
  • It has great results in the excellence of its students.
  • Composing it in a style similar to that of the ancient Muslim scholars, this method is based on dealing with the subject of the book, and the scientist wrote his book to address some issues in the way of learning the Quran.
  • It depends on the Ottoman drawing and the Quranic pronunciation of the letters; which made it more original, accurate style, and acceptable to people.

To download the Nurani Quran pdf press Here

Lessons upon which this method is built

  • Alphabets (singular and compound).
  • Almad letters.
  • Tanween letters and silent letters
  • Soft letters.
  • The rules of the letter Ra. (ر)
  • The rules of the letter Lam. (ل)
  • noon letter. (ن)
  • The letters of the Arabic language with the correct exits for the letters.
  • consonants
  • movement.


Noorani Qaida offers essential benefits, including foundational Quranic knowledge, mastery of tajweed rules, improved Arabic reading skills, a gateway to advanced Quranic studies, and spiritual growth through accurate Quranic recitation. It serves as a vital educational foundation, particularly for beginners and children in Islamic studies, and holds cultural and religious significance for many Muslims, contributing to the preservation of Quranic knowledge.

The time it takes to learn Noorani Qaida varies depending on individual factors like prior knowledge and commitment. Noorani Qaida is a fundamental textbook for Quranic recitation and pronunciation. It may take a few weeks to months to master. Starting with the basics and having a knowledgeable teacher can expedite learning. Consult with a qualified Quran teacher for structured guidance.

After Noorani Qaida, students often progress to advanced Quranic studies. This includes studying the Quran with interpretation (tafsir) for deeper understanding, memorizing verses or chapters (Hifz), and refining pronunciation (tajweed). Many choose to enroll in formal Quranic schools for comprehensive education in Quranic studies and Islamic jurisprudence. The specific path depends on individual goals and guidance from qualified instructors.

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