Learn Tajweed Online- The Benefit of learning Tajweed Online

Learn Tajweed Online

Learn Tajweed Online

Learn Tajweed Online in our Courses for Adults and children, Learn The Quran, learn the Tajweed, and do your best to lay the foundation for developing a love of learning.

The Quran is a unique book to guide people for happiness in this world and the Hereafter. It also establishes a spiritual relationship with Allah and a good relationship with the people.

Sunnah is the set of traditional social and legal customs and practices of the Islamic community, Along with The Quran( holy book).

The Quran is  ِAllah  immortal book and his great argument against all people, Allah sealed the heavenly books and revealed him as a guide and mercy to the worlds, and included a complete curriculum and comprehensive law for the life of Muslims.

Allah Almighty said:

(Surely this Quran guides to what is most upright, and gives good news to the believers—who do good—that they will have a mighty reward). Al-Isra: 9].

1- Importance of Arabic in The Quran

Arabic is the Quran language, so it is The Language of the Islamic religion.

God Almighty said: (We have sent it down as an Arabic Quran that you might understand.)(12) Surah Yusuf

Those who wish to understand the Holy Quran, the Sunnah, and Islamic Science in general from non-Arabs should do their best to learn Arabic.

Muslims should learn Arabic from Muslims who do not know Arabic.

The Almighty Allah has chosen the Arabic language to be the language of the Noble Quran, and this is the best honor for the Arabic language.

The Arabic language is one of the tools for learning the Book of Almighty Allah.

2- History Of Tajweed

The Messenger of Allah (may A prayers and peace be upon him) was interested in his companions for learning to recite the Quran and its intonation like the recitation and intonation likes received from the angel Gabriel.

Abdullah ibn Masoud, Zaid ibn Thabit Abi ibn Kaab, Muadh ibn Jabal and many others have mastered the Quran.

3- Memorizing the Quran by the Companions of the Prophet Muhamad (SAW)

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) not only focused on preserving the Quran through his memorization but also instructed some of his associates to write the memorized verses on palm trees, stones, animal skins, pieces of wood,

Companions were distinguished for their intelligence, strong memory, and pure nature.

The companions of The Prophet Muhammad had the speed of memorization, despite the length of several surahs of the noble Qur’an.

They kept records of historical events and ancestral archives in their memory.

4- What is ( Intonation) Tajweed’s meaning?

The word Tajweed means to improve, to beautify, to make better. The Tajweed Quran is the application of the Tajweed rules while reciting the Holy Quran in the same way that the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) practiced.

As Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, it is a great virtue to recite the Quran according to the Tajweed rules and learn to recite it with effort and respect.

5- Learn Tajweed Online

The Quran revealed with the Tajweed, and our Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) recited and taught the scriptures with the Tajweed.

Now we must teach you the rules of the Quran with Tajweed, and you must learn them to recite the Holy Quran beautifully as revealed.

We believe that learning the rules of the Tajweed will protect our readers from mispronunciations and misunderstandings of the Holy Quran.

All the theoretical and practical rules of Tajweed require a qualified teacher, so it will be hard to learn the rules of Tajweed without a teacher, so Learn Tajweed Online.

6- The Benefit of learning Tajweed Online

The benefit of learning intonation is to protect the tongue from mistakes (called melodies) when reciting the Quran.

The Quran has two types of melodies:

A clear melody is an error in words that interferes with the examples of replacing the letters in different places or changing vowels for letters.

7- Learn Tajweed Online Course

The Quran contains concepts and meanings that have come down to guide our lives.

It was not only the depth of meaning conveyed by the Quranic verses that astounded the Arabs.

The Arabs had the most eloquent language of the time, but the magnificent Arabic language contained therein. The Quran is revealed as a true miracle for all ages.

Learn Tajweed Online Course

Learn Tajweed Online allows students ( children or adults) to find comprehensive, integrated, and self-contained courses based on their preferences.

Several difficulties and obstacles, including interference with schooling, prevent Muslims from participating in the study of the Quran.

Learn Tajweed Online Course overcome all these obstacles and difficulties. Students can learn the Quran interactively and effectively using resources, tools, and software.

You can enjoy all these benefits at your own pace. The learning platform provides tools that enable teachers to assess students’ performance and learning pace.

Online education offers the essential advantages of modern approaches to learning, making learning more interesting for children and new generations.

You can schedule Quran Tajweed lessons at your convenience. Internet-based Quran study is an affordable, convenient and effective way to study online.

Traditional education classes suffer from overcrowding problems.

You can avoid all that problems by taking online courses without compromising the quality of the lectures.

8- Quran Blessing Site.com

Our mission at Quran Blessing Site has a wide range of versatile courses that we offer.

Each course has professional teachers with extensive knowledge and experience.

We have special course for Learn Tajweed Online.

We have Experienced and qualified Instructors who not only teach well but also give detailed feedback on the progress of online lessons so that you can improve your learning skills. Our instructors are fluent in English and are native Arabs, so there are no communication barriers or obstacles, making the learning process smooth and informative.

Learn Tajweed Online Course exist to help both Arab and non-Arab Muslims. It leads us to read Holy Quran Ayat in perfect recitation. You can learn these rules and apply them to read better. In fact, all you have to do is practice with an experienced teacher. The Holy Quran is known to have been sent by Allah to His Messenger Muhammad (PBUH) through the angel Gabriel. Most of these rules gave by our beloved Prophet Muhammad.