What do you know about  pillars of Islam? 

Pillars of Islam are main five-fingers, which includes:

•Al Shahadah (accepting Muhammad as God’s prophet).

•Al Salah (pray 5 times daily), Al Zakat (give to the needy).

•Sawm (self-control throughout Ramadan).

•Al-Hajj (visit Mecca at least once by anyone financially and physically able to complete the journey).

Pillar of Islam

1- Al Shahada(first one of pillars of Islam) :

Which means there is only one God, no God rather than Allah SWT. And his prophet is Muhammad PBUH.

Al shahada is a Muslims believe, and the first condition in Islam, always Muslims say ” La Elaha Ella Allah, Muhammad Rasoul Allah”. In many situations not in bringing of Islam, the Muslims say it in Al Azan, and Al Tashahud, and in a normal memorize of the day.

And believe in doom and divine decree ( qada and qadar), believe in the book of Allah ( Qur’an), believe in all messengers not only prophet Muhammad PBUH, and believe in the day of judgement.

The books are sent from Allah to messengers:

. Alsuhuf:

The book that Allah revealed to Prophet Ibrahim peace be upon him.

. Al zaboor:

The book which Allah revealed to prophet Dawud peace be upon him.

. The torah:

The book which Allah revealed to Prophet Musa (moses) peace be upon him.

. The Gospel(injeel) :

The book which Allah revealed to Prophet Isa peace be upon him.

. The Qur’an :

The book that Allah revealed to prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.

2- The salah(Second one of pillars of Islam) :

Prayer in Islam is a pillar of religion. It’s the second of the five pillars of Islam, God commanded it to be confirmed on each Muslim woman, men.

The Salah is creating a strong connection between the human and his God, Allah who’s made the universe.

He holds all things together in this world, by prayer. In addition to you get rid of confusion and negative energy.

Obligation on Muslims doing five prayers per day:

1-Al- Fajr – 2 Rekka.

2- Al -Zuhr – 4 Rekka.

3- Al-Asr – 4 Rekka 

4- Al-Maghreb – 3 Rekka.

5- Al-Ishaa – 4 Rekka.

There are other prayers ، such as the Sunna as Salat Alkeyam and Altahagud, and others for need as Salat Al Istekharah.

The Muslims do Salat Al Istekhara when they are confused between two things. And for ask God to guide them to the best choice in their life.

3- Al Zakah ( third one of pillars of Islam ):

All Muslims will present to those that want it such as communities, hospitals, drinking fountains, building colleges, and mosques.

It’s a third pillar within the pillars of Islam.

Zakat was invariably attended with the obligatory acts of identity of God and prayers. That became the image of brotherhood in religion.

Zakat contains a decent impact on fighting financial conditions in society and assuaging the pains of poor people’s misery and suffering.

Also, zakah aims to purify the ego from its instinct sense of meanness and instills feelings of heart, mercy and brotherliness into peoples’ hearts.

4- Fasting ( Al Sawm):

It’s self-management throughout Ramadan, it’s fourth pillars of Islam.

Muslims fast until evening, the most common month to fast is Ramadan, which Muslims are fasting all month.

Fasting not only for drink and food. But also for any things are forbidden such as gossiping, toxic words and for gase look also.

Pillar of Islam

What’s the relation between Ramadan and pillars of Islam ?

It’s an incredible month for Muslims. It’s the month of the Quran when Allah revealed the Quran by Jibril Alih Alsalam on prophet Muhammad PBUH in Ghar Hira.

 Muslims are dieting for all days of Ramadan. They are dieting from many things such as food, drinks, and smoking until evening.

But There are exceptions to people having health problems.

fasting it’s not an associate degree possibility for them, other exceptions such as : pregnant women, nursing mothers, postnatal women, children, trippers and seniors.

The month of Ramadan is a time of reflection and tone- improvement.

 From the reason for fasting to the feelings of people not having food, the pain that millions of others go through every day, and being a lot of actuated to provide charity and help people who are in need.

5- The pilgrimage ( Al-Hajj ):

It is a fifth pillar in the pillars of Islam, the Hajj absolves Muslims of the past since, do before the Hajj to travel to Mecca.

Also It’s very common for people to ask their relatives, friends and acquaintances to forgive them.

What’s the meaning of Hajj?

Hajj in Islam is Muslims go to Macca at a certain time every year.

it’s one of the main pillars of Islam, it’s a fifth and final pillar of Islam.

it’s the individual duty to any adult man and woman for once in the life, if they can make it.

Hajj make by a certain performance called Manasik Hajj.

Thousands upon thousands of people all wearing the same clothes and gathering around Kaaba in Saudi Arabia.

The Hajj takes five days, and toward the end of it comes Eid- Ul- Adha or the festival of sacrifice.

Muslims worldwide celebrate by slaughter an animal usually a sheep and this is part of the ritual is related to prophet Ibrahim.

It’s a commemorate the willingness of Ibrahim to sacrifice his son Ismail.

As an act of obedience to God before God intervened him with a ram to sacrifice instead.


Pillars of Islam are the main Islamic roles to be real Muslims, with memorize Qur’an, the real feith must be completed by these five pillars, we tried to obtain the meaning and significance of each other.

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