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learn quran by heart

learn quran by heart

What is the meaning of learn quran by heart? We know the importance of the Quran in the minds and hearts of Muslims, so they wonder how to learn quran by heart. The Noble Quran is the light of wisdom and the constitution of Muslims. Allah Almighty preserves him from distortion and change. Muhammad is messenger of Allah (S.A.W), said: The Quran is abundant without it: there is no wealth, and after it, there is no poverty.

1- learn quran by heart

Muslims should memorize the Quran, so Take this advice to learn the quran by heart. It can help Muslims understand and handle the Noble Quran’s meaning. 1- Reading the Noble Quran in the morning is the best time to read, study and memorize the Quran with sincere intention and love. 2- The surah should be divided into several small verses and remembered repeatedly. 3- Alternatively, you can check at least one surah each day, so divide the surah into several verses. Memorizing the Noble Quran or learn quran by heart may require special effort at first. 4- You will experience some fatigue and difficulty, but if you continue to memorize the Holy Quran daily, you will no longer feel this difficulty. The greatest blessing Allah has given to this nation is the Holy Quran. 5-Mastering how to read the Quran requires intensive reading with mastery of pronunciation and memorization by a competent coach. 6- The best age to study the Holy Quran is childhood because the mind is free from distractions. The memorization quality of young children is much better than adults. 7- Hafiz should not rely on his training. He must recite what he has memorized to another hafiz to someone else who can follow his recitation. He should be able to point out any errors or omissions in pronunciation or reading. 8- Do not proceed further until you have mastered the surahs well. After memorizing a surah, Hafiz should not move on to another until he has completed the first surah perfectly from start to finish and can recite it fluently without much thought. It should be easy to remember, and you should not move from one surah to another until you are sure you have memorized the first surah.

2- Learn Quran At Your Home

Learn and memorize the Quran from your home comfort and gain admission to Quran hifz classes.

A Quranic teacher teaches the correct reading of the Quran because he can correct memorization of the entire our course in terms of the Arabic language.

We have various courses that teach Quran recitation, recitation, and memorization through our website quran blessing.com.

1- In addition to our vast experience, we have the best-qualified teachers from Al Azhar University.

2- We conduct a series of tests and set certain criteria to select the best Quran memorization tutors for our classes.

3- Our tutors are fluent in English and will teach non-Arabic students as fluently as possible.

4- In Islam, a memorizer spends time and effort to memorize the Quran. Time and effort to memorize the Quran will receive a great reward from Almighty Allah in this life and the Hereafter.

3- Quran Hafiz benefits

A hifz meaning is a term used by Muslims to describe someone who has memorized the Quran perfectly. Almighty Allah singled out Hafez in the Quran for his characteristics of this world and the hereafter. There is a Quran Hafiz benefits:

1- Quran Hafiz benefits: takes precedence over others in prayer as an imam.

2- Quran memorization status is the last verse he memorized.

3- Quran Hafiz benefits is a companion of the House of Angels.

4- Those who memorize the Quran wear the crown of pride and dignity

5-Those who memorized the Quran, the Quran will be his intercessor on the Day of Resurrection.

6- Quran Hafiz benefits: He is considered one of the people of God and his righteous followers.  

7- Quran Hafiz benefits: He will be among the people of God in this life and ththe Qurane hereafter.

4- Methods of memorizing the Quran

1-  Honesty is better means of memorization the Holy Quran. Hafiz is faithful to the message of eternal revelation revealed in the hearts of Allah’s messengers.

2- Pronunciation Correction: Read the Quran before memorizing it from masters who have mastered it, and learn how to pronounce verses correctly, especially where there are similarities or difficulties in pronunciation.

3- Creating a schedule for memorizing  will help you remember and repeat memorization.

4- Choosing the Right Time and Place: Those who want to memorize the Book of God must designate the right place and time for their memorization. Do not study in hot weather or an inconvenient place. The best place to memorize the Quran is a mosque.

5- A person who wants to memorize the Quran must not move to a new place of memorization until he has mastered the person who has previously memorized it. Nothing has settled in his mind except. 6- special Quran memorization (he has a picture); the human mind pays attention to details, so when the number of lines in the Quran or the color of the words changes, the rote is distracted and the memorization fails It will not prove correct.

7- Maintain coherence between surahs and poetry: Surahs contain sequential events and long verses. There is no need to memorize part of a surah and then move to another passage without connecting the previous surah with the next, and the interrelationship between the surah verses and their stories makes memorization easier and more flexible.

8- Utilization of Years of Memorization: One should try to memorize the Holy Quran for children at the beginning of life.

9- Praying behind a well-memorized imam: When a Muslim prays behind an imam who has memorized the Quran, he is encouraged to memorize it. You have to think that there is more than one way or that your way is the best because you are used to it.

You should try other methods to benefit from them. Through our Quran hifz classes, I introduce my fellow readers to follow phonetic memorization by listening to recorded readings. This method has several advantages. Now we know the value of  learn quran by heart.