What is your information about the hajj? Hajj

Hajj | All you Need to Know About The Fifth Pillar


 Hajj is a duty for every Muslim (only who can do it). 

No doubt that every Muslim know the five pillrs of Islam first, shahada, that no god but Allah and Muhammad is a messenger of Allah, prayer, almsgiving, fasting and the Fifth Pillar is the pilgrimage (hajj). 

In this article, we will talk about the journey of hajj in detail and recognise its importance, conditions and how to perform it.


What is your information about the hajj? 

  • The incredible spiritual journey(hajj) takes place every year in mecca. And every Muslim is expected to attend it at least once in his lifetime.
  • It occurs during the(dhu al hijjah). Which is the last month in the Islamic calendar.
  • Hajj rites occur in the period 5_6days.
  • Hajj is made by a certain performance called (manasic hajj).
  • In hajj Millions of Muslims wear the same clothes and gather around the Kaaba.

And now let’s answer the question which is wandering in your mind.

Why is hajj important for Muslims?

1• In response to Allah’s orders.

2• As we love to follow our prophet, Mohamed who performed Umra 4 times and hajj only one in his life.

3• The virtue of hajj is great because you go with sins and come back empty of them.

4• During hajj performing, Muslims enter the pure holiness state for the body and mind called(Ihram).

5• For cleaning our soul, asking for forgiveness and becoming closer to Allah.

6• Hajj gains you a place in heaven.

Well, after we learned some information about the hajj and its importance.let’s move to the interesting part of the article(the history behind the hajj).


Importance of Hajj

What is the history behind the hajj?

It is said Allah ordered the prophet, Ibrahim to leave his wife(hager) and his son (Ismail) in the desert of Macca alone.

Hager was looking for water for her son and ran between the small hills seven times. These small hills called(al Safa and Al Marwa)…

after she came back, she noticed that her son was scratching at the ground and the miracle occurred (the spring well up beneath them).

Because of this, the quest between this two mountains became part of the hajj rituals.

In addition to , the Kaaba is tied to the prophet Ibrahim who built it with the help of his son(Ismail).

How do you prepare for hajj?

1• Before crossing the miqat boundary, Muslims enter a state of purity and wear their clothes.

The clothes of men consist of two pieces of white plain sheets that cover all the body except the right shoulder.

And women, wear a white sheet that must cover all the body except face and foot.

2• Before wearing ihram clothes, men should shave their heads and trim their nails and bread.

3• For the women, they remove the single lock of hair.

What happens at hajj?

. The first day:

pilgrims move to Mina(the city of tents). This might be via coach or some groups choose to walk 5 or 6 miles from mecca to mina.

And this occurs the night before or in the morning of the 8th day of dhu al hijjah. They spend this day in camps listening to the lectures. 

. The Second day (arafat day)

.Pilgrims travel to Mount Arafat (14km from Mina)where our prophet gave a sermon.

It included some topics such as Muslims are brothers and they must unite. Also he talked about how men should treat their women.

.Fasting on this day is a spiritual ritual for Muslims. 

. Muslims spend the rest of the day in salat, reciting Talbiyah and reading the Quran.

We shouldn’t waste this valuable and expensive time on things like eating or drinking.

.After sunset, pilgrims start to leave Arafat and move to Muzdalifah.

. The third day :

This is the first day of Eid(Adha) when Muslims sacrifice a lot of animals.

.Between sunrise of this day until sunset of 12th(dhu al hijjah), pilgrims are carring out some rituals such as pelting of stones at the largest pillar called (jamrah Al Aqaba).

.After pelting, it is time for sacrifice by (goat, sheep, camel)which is distributed to pilgrims, their relatives and poor people.

.After finishing the sacrifice, Pilgrims shaved their hair and nails to be ready for the final ritual(tawaf al ziyarah)..

in this ritual pilgrims are walking seven circuits around the Kaaba inside (masjid al-haram). Then they perform 2 rakats and they are drinking from Zamzam water.

. Now, pilgrims are ready to leave the spiritual state of ihram and return to Mina.

. The fourth to sixth day :

Some important rituals must be completed 

. Between midday on the 11th and before fajr on the 12th, you should head to jamarat to stone the remaining pillars.

After these, pilgrims move to Mina and they spend the rest of the day in worship.

.Pilgrims are carring out  the same rituals on the fifth day, take care you must finish pelting (Rami) before the sixth day.

. The final ritual on the sixth day is (Tawaf _Alwada). It is another set of seven circuits of tawaf around the Kaaba,  pilgrims are praying and drinking water of Zamzam.

And after all these mentioned steps, we can say that the pilgrimage is complete. 

Summary :

We hope that we have provided all the information about hajj in our article, and we ask Allah to visit Kaaba to remove our sins and gain a place in heaven. 

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